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How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Stamping Parts

Hardware stamping belongs to the industry of small profits and high sales. Under the established interests, production efficiency is an important factor to determine the production efficiency. For most stamping factories, the products produced are rich in variety and complex in shape. Therefore, in the face of complex production situation, how to operate to maximize production efficiency and production quality is a difficult problem that every enterprise needs to face.


The first step to improve efficiency is to ensure scientific die design. According to the needs of customers, combined with metal stamping rules and improve product design, and according to the design and manufacture of molds. On the basis of scientific die design, in the production process, we can further improve the production efficiency from other aspects:


1.    Use high-quality and appropriate materials to make the mould, improve the life of the mould, reduce the time of shutdown due to the damage of the mould.


2.    Use excellent advanced equipment for production. The use of more reliable equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also help to improve the quality of metal stamping products. CYF Stamping uses imported equipment to provide customers with high quality and feasible product solutions.



3.    Improve the existing technology level. As a hardware processing factory, we should constantly improve our production capacity and innovation level, and strive to improve the soft power. This can not only win more high-quality customers for enterprises, but also stand out in the fierce competition of the hardware industry in the future.


4.    Adopt reasonable mould management system and efficient production regulations. Strict numbering, classification, warehousing and routine maintenance of all the molds in the factory. This will help to reduce the time needed to replace the mould during production. Strict production regulations and implementation can also improve the efficiency of basic operators.



5.    In the production process of products, we should strengthen self-inspection and special inspection to prevent the occurrence of a large number of defective products.


6.    Enterprises need to strengthen the training of technicians when strengthening equipment investment, so as to maximize the production efficiency and product quality of stamping parts.


We believe that if enterprises do well in the above mentioned aspects, they will greatly improve the efficiency of the factory.

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